DCND Wins Awards & Nominations at the Action on Film Festival

The Don’t Cost team just learned that the film has won “Best Documentary-Political” at the Action on Film Festival! We also received first runner-up status for “Best Editing-Documentary,” and were nominated for a “Best Political Statement in a Film” award.

Kudos to the entire DCND dream team! Kathy Bisbee, Emery Hudson, Angela Juanita Bunch, Jeremy Cajas Bunch, Daniel James Howell, DJ RADIOACTIVE, DJ Leydis, Lucio, Sellassie, Kali Boom, Miss Gay Sterling, Gina Gallo, Nial Anderson, Alec Vanderwoude, Peter Leahey, Patricio Pace, Tres Americas Foundation, and SO many others who have contributed towards this achievement! Thank you for all of your efforts! Let’s get into more film festivals and share with the world the powerful message of hope and change from the artists in Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream!

Several more upcoming film festivals to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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