Don’t Cost Premiering at the Santa Cruz International Film Festival!

Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream will premiere at the Santa Cruz International Film Festival on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at 3pm at the Nickelodeon Theatre in downtown Santa Cruz.

The final cut is a 38-minutes, character-based documentary about youth in Cuba, Nicaragua and Guatemala who are using music as an instrument of hope and change in their communities.

The film takes a look at the struggles of expressive street youth in Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the U.S. using a mix of hip hop, self-determination, and traditional music as instruments of hope. These youth use the power of music to create both small and powerful changes in themselves and their communities. They write, sing and perform their lyrics using music to make sense of their personal and collective histories, cultural heritage, and their day-to-day struggle against police repression, racism, and poverty.

Prepare to be inspired to create change in your life and community!

To purchase tickets, please visit the Santa Cruz Film Festival web site here.
Please help us spread the word of the screening, and we hope to see you there!

We will be having a fundraiser after party following the screening. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out where it will be held and to receive all updates about the film.

Artists from the film will be in attendance at the film screening, for Q&A, and will be performing at the after party in Santa Cruz. Hope to see you there!

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