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Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream (DCND) is a 38-minute documentary that follows the stories of street youth in Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala using music as an instrument of hope

Kathy Bisbee, Producer/Director, weaves a rich tapestry of community storytelling, musical heritage, and cultural preservation in Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream, her first documentary feature.

Kathy’s previous short films; Well-Oiled Machine, Pow Pow Boom, and Cafe Maya, screened at the Santa Cruz International Film Festival (SCFF) and at EarthVision. Environmental Film Festival. Kathy is the executive director of CMAP TV, a community media center in Gilroy, CA, and on the national board of the Alliance for Community Media (ACM). Kathy is a native of rural Maine, a resident of Santa Cruz County, working in digital storytelling, technology, marketing and community media education. More information about DCND’s Producer/Director, Kathy Bisbee can be found online at:

Emery Hudson, Co-Producer/Director of Photography,

is a talented freelance video artist with ten years of commercial and community documentary production experience. Emery has worked as a journalist for Fox News, CBS, Televisa, Clear-Channel, and a brief stint as part of the White House Press Corps. He has received numerous awards for his video productions. He has been seen running from the state police on shoots in Cuba, filming genocide survivors in Guatemala, and creating promotional videos for non-profit organizations. He graduated with a degree in Cinema at San Francisco State University. He was Producer/Director of Cafe Maya, which screened previously at SCFF.

Director of Photography/Co-Producer, Emery Hudson, can be found at

Check out Emery’s film, Cafe Maya. Kathy was the line producer for that film, Emery directed, and while in Guatemala, these film partners discovered the stories of youth in Latin America using music as an instrument of hope.  Check out Cafe Maya from Emery Hudson on Vimeo.


Angela “Juanita” Bunch Cajas, Associate Producer, is Guatemalan and grew up in exile in Honduras and has traveled to over 30 countries documenting community organization & human rights issues. Angela co-directed a short on the Balkan peace process that was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001. Her passion is human rights, especially in her home country of Guatemala, where she has done extensive research to support claims of State-perpetrated genocide in national courts. She holds a degree in Anthropology from Stanford University. Angela traveled to Cuba in 2007 as an associate producer on Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream, and shot follow-up footage in Guatemala.

Nial Anderson, Digital Photographer/Camera, is a beat reporter, photographer and videographer based in Herefordshire, England. He has worked as a print journalist in the south west of England for the past five years after receiving his BA Honors Degree in Professional and Creative Writing from the University of Glamorgan in Wales. He particularly interested in photography and journalism that pushes boundaries such as urban exploration and experimental photography. Nial traveled to Cuba in 2009 to shoot video and still photographs with the Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream crew to produce the follow up segments with artists in Havana.

Daniel James Howell, First Unit Producer/Camera, has made community media his life for the past decade. Daniel attended film school in Los Angeles and graduated from UCSC with a degree in Community Studies, focusing on community media. For the last seven years he has worked as a television technician for Televisa, Animal Planet and Community Television of Santa Cruz County. In 2009 Daniel traveled to Cuba as a crewmember for Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream serving as lead camera operator to track down and follow up with subjects of the film.


Jeremy Bunch Cajas, Camera, was born in Guatemala, but he grew up in exile in Honduras with his sister, Angela, and returned home before leaving to the U.S. to receive his Cinema Studies degree with a focus on Developing World Policies from San Francisco State University. Jeremy currently produces video for SF-Oakland Bay Area non-profit organizations and businesses, and works at Apple as a trainer.

Check more info and a pdf of our dedicated international crew here.

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