Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream

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Talking and singing over rhythm is not unique to hip hop or rap music. This rhythm comes from African traditions where village chiefs used drums and singing to announce births, deaths, weddings, and warnings. Africans took music with them to the Americas merging their culture and spirituality with that of indigenous peoples, and using it to maintain hope, find courage and to fight against oppression.

Youth in the Americas continue this tradition as they sing and rap over rhythm about their day-to-day perserverance over racism, poverty, underemployment and government censorship with self-determination and positive expression, mixing traditional and hip hop music and cultures to create personal and community-wide change.

One Response to Don’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream

  1. Mary Jane says:

    I am thrilled to find you and your film; can’t wait to see the complete version! The focus on the youth as powerful change agents is truly where it’s at. What is the real world they are bringing into being- what is the focus of the music/lyrics?
    I checked out “Latin Hip Hop v.s. US Hip Hop”- In general, I agree, though I know there are many inspirational hip hop artist in the US, its the gangsta style of exploitation of the youth/ women that gets the most play and focus in the mainstream media.
    Here’s to life-affirming Hip Hop, and turning the world on to the truth in their own back yards, and on a global scale. That’s the meaning of life-affirming to me; that which sheds a light on the reality of a situation has the power to WAKE PEOPLE UP from their long-time slumber so that they can truly live and let live.
    Thanks to the filmmakers and the musical youth- with loving passion for life.

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